Weekly Voice Lessons (60 min lesson x 4/ mo)
  • This lesson plan includes four 60 min of voice lessons per month.
  • Lesson time will be scheduled based on the convenience between the instructor and a student.
  • Students need to log in to the platform's address, such as zoom, a few minutes before the scheduled lesson time. The address will be notified with lessons time.


Lessons are primarily focused on contemporary music (pop, rock, r&b, jazz, etc.) or classical. Students spend time each week during lessons on vocal exercises to improve their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation, and more.



The digital file for downloading is the same content covered on this page, such as "Student's Responsibilities" and "Rescheduling & Cancelling Policy."


Weekly Voice Lessons (60 min lesson x 4/ mo)

  • We recommend students to keep taking lessons, at least, for 3 months. Consistency and commitment are the keys to developing and mastering any pursuit, including music. Daily practice is vital to a successful singing experience. 30 minutes a day, 5 times per week, is suggested for beginners. As the student’s repertoire becomes more difficult, longer sessions will be needed. Be kind to your body – it’s the only one you’ll ever have. Be aware of your posture and speaking voice in day-to-day activities. Avoid excessive vocal strain from yelling, talking too much over loud background noise. Drink an adequate amount of water to maintain hydration, get enough sleep, and eat healthily. Students are encouraged to attend every lesson in order to advance their skills.

  • 1. Students shall notify the instructor at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a lesson by emailing or calling for rescheduling in a canceled week or the next week, or the student will be charged for the missed lesson. Up to one properly canceled lesson a month will be rescheduled, at the instructor’s discretion.

    2. If the instructor cancels a lesson, you will be rescheduled, or you will not be expected to pay for the lesson and will be credited towards the next month.

    3. Same day cancellations will not be accepted. Missed lessons without proper notification (24-hours notice), as a general rule, will not be rescheduled and will be charged.

    4. Any students who habitually cancel lessons may be refused future lessons and will be referred to another teacher for future needs.

    5. The student will log in on time to all scheduled lessons. Lessons will end at their scheduled time, regardless of the time of the student’s login.

    7. Though this is a monthly lesson plan, please give us one month notice to stop taking lessons, so instructors can fill the schedule.

    8. Tuition is non-refundable.