“Memi is a very talented and dedicated singer. Her approach to music making is careful, logical, and precise but also emotional and artistic. Her dedication to the creative process is unwavering. No matter what else she is doing in life, she will find time to create art.

Memi has a good command of vocal technique, understand the physiology of the vocal mechanism—something I try to impart to all of my students. With this knowledge, she is fully capable of helping others with their development as singers.

Memi also has a broad range of repertoire, including everything from art song, opera, and jazz to current pop. I feel I can recommend her with utmost confidence in her abilities as a musician.”

- Dr. Aaron Humble​ (Cantus Tenor), St Paul, MN

A Truly Gifted Teacher

“Memi is a very gifted voice teacher. I worked with her for 2 months on a special song to sing

for my mother’s memorial celebration. For someone who had not sung for many years, I found

that her gentle, intuitive, and encouraging approach helped me progress mush more quickly

than I expected. Each lesson built upon the last one, with similar and new exercises keeping me

interested. Her instructions are crystal clear, and during the lesson she solves vocal difficulties

efficiently with thoughtful, effective advice. She is experienced in a wide range of musical genres

and is skilled at teaching the different vocal approaches required for each. Memi also helped me

with specific issues related to performing. My voice and I grew so much in the 2 months that I

worked with her that I chose to continue taking lessons after my performance at my mother’s

memorial service. I recommend Memi without reservation.” 


- MJ, Seattle, WA

Memi is a Wonderful Instructor

“Memi is talented pianist and singer, but what makes the lessons great is her personality and

her patience. She makes the learning process easy, and I always feel comfortable with her even

though I am a beginner student. I would highly recommend Memi!” 


- Michael C, St Paul, MN

Memi is Wow!!

“I am taking a piano lesson with her. Her teaching direction and interpretation of musical pieces

are logical, precise, but also greatly artistic!! Whenever I took her lesson, my way to understand/

express the musical piece got greatly improved! Also, I was amazed by her great knowledge of

physiology as a pianist (not only vocalist!). She saved my fingering problems during the lesson

many times!! I highly recommend her as an instructor. She has a wonderful personality, also she

knows how to transmit the image of musical piece to the students.” 


- Mitzy B, Shoreview, MN

Review for Memi

“I found Memi online half a year ago to train me in contemporary music and voice. After six month of learning with her, I’d like to say that Memi is a wonderful coach with professional

skills and patient instructions. I still remember the first of our class, she taught me about the

principles of sound producing mechanism such as how air move through to bring the voice

out and how the muscle move during singing. The understanding of these mechanism is proved

very helpful in the later courses. It helped me to how to use my muscle and how a body would

work like a musical instrument to produce beautiful sound. She also taught me a lot of

fundamental practices to strengthen my related muscles and get more air in my lung. These

instructions enable me to keep improving my skills and abilities even when I stop taking classes

and work on my own. Instead of guiding the specific songs with detailed instructions, Memi is

more like to improve my skills of how to sing different types of song, or how to use muscles and

air and emotions to deal with different melodies and pitch, so that when I sing the same type of

songs later in my life, I could remember the skills to deal with the same problems. The scientific

and professional instructions from Memi did help me a lot to sing better, to more understand

music, and to more love singing. And she also gave me a deep impression of how a professional

musician would treat music as a life-long insistence and improvement. I would keep going with

singing in the future and would like to say thank you to Memi again for everything in this

six months.” 


- Ivy L, China

Great Teacher For all Ages and Schedules

"I've been taking lessons with Memi for over the past year and have just loved the evolution of

our sessions. I first found her by doing some research on Google, and though "why not?!".

After the first lesson, I knew that I would go back to her for additional lessons. 
Her style is

approachable enough for people who know very little about the technical sides of music (me),

but advanced enough to push professionals as well. 
I'm mid-20's with a full-time job that often

takes up a lot of my creative energy. Since singing/performing isn't my main focus, it's really nice

to come to lessons and be inspired by Memi to *make* singing a part of my daily routine.
 I see

her being a great teacher for all ages; I've seen young students with their parents coming out of

lessons with large smiles on their faces (cliché , but true). 

Memi is flexible enough that I would

really recommend her to anyone who is looking for lessons. I think she'll be able to help you,

whatever your goal or purpose of singing may be!"


- Kat M, Minneapolis, MN

"Memi started both of our girls (ages 5 and 7 at the time) on piano. She is knowledgeable about

piano and voice and is also a wonderful teacher. In addition to teaching good technique, she

teaches them age-appropriate music theory and encourages them to play with expression. 

 Our girls loved having her as a piano teacher and will miss her dearly. Memi is a patient and kind

teacher who clearly loves teaching and sharing her musical talent with others."


- Jennifer S, Inver Grove  Hiehgts, MN

“In the 2+ years of weekly voice lessons with Memi, never once did my daughter come out of a

session with anything less than wild enthusiasm, and that says a lot for a teenage girl!  Memi

picked music that not only excited my daughter but also challenged her skills and ultimately

increased her vocal range and abilities.  Singing lessons were often a high point in my daughter’s

week and we miss her terribly.  I have nothing but praise for Memi!”


- Mary Ann G-B, Minneapolis, MN

“During my 2+ years of studying with Memi I don’t think I ever came out of a session without a

great feeling of accomplishment! Memi always made sure to compliment on some aspect of my

singing growth. She always picked out music that she knew I would enjoy and music that would

stretch my voice range. Sometimes she even let me pick out music that I knew I’d like!! I always

enjoyed my lessons with her because she really stretched and increased my vocal ability. Overall

her singing lessons were always the high point during the week and I miss her terribly!! All I can

give is compliments to Memi!!”


- Mikaela G-B, Minneapolis, MN

“Memi is a kind and encouraging instructor. Her assignments were well-suited to where I was as

a student--not so difficult as to be discouraging, yet challenging enough to push me to improve.

I highly recommend her.”


- Beth L, St Paul, MN

“Taking lessons with Memi was a fantastic experience.  When I started taking lessons with her I

had been singing for years, but had never had any formal training. She helped me make huge

improvements to my range, tone, intonation, confidence, and overall control. She was very good

at selecting repertoire and exercises that made me work through areas I struggled with. Her

expert coaching and feedback helped take the mystery out of singing. I always left our lessons

feeling energized and excited to try all the things I learned.”


- Noah K, Minneapolis, MN

“Memi is my first vocal coach and she is amazing and wonderful! I've only discovered her

recently and trained with her for once a week for 6 months until she moved and I've already

learned and improved so much! She gets straight to the lessons and doesn't waste any time.

Her positive and caring nature made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She has helped me feel

more confident with my own voice and helped me reach high notes that I didn't know I could.

Thank you Memi!”


- Mary Y, St Paul, MN

“Memi’s vocal lessons are always enjoyable, always positive, and always productive! She makes

you feel welcome and is always prepared with all the necessary materials for learning. I’ve

learned so much from Memi and my voice can really show it. She is so supportive and gave me

more courage to showcase my voice more often in settings like musical auditions.”


- Natalie S, St Paul, MN

“Memi is an excellent piano instructor. She has a very quiet, gentle teaching manner. She

connects well with her students and the students want to do well, playing correctly and making

the music sound beautiful. Memi’s methods of teaching make playing piano fun! Memi offers

gentle, encouraging correction when needed. Memi has a great teaching method-when a song is

new, she leads the student through it, playing one hand at a time for several measures, slowly

building to playing the entire song with feeling.  Memi gives a reasonable amount of piano

“homework” each week. Recitals are very well organized and are a pleasure to participate in

and attend.”


- Miriam and Angi N, St Paul, MN



"Tetsuya Takeno is a fantastic piano teacher. Both my teenage daughter and younger son

enjoy his calm demeanor. He teaches kids how to learn and practice independently. 

Tetsuya is generous with his time and energy and also puts on a great recital.  All of this,

combined with his competence, assures a great music learning experience." A+

- Adrianne J, St Paul, MN

"Tetusya has taught my 10-year-old daughter piano for more than 5 years, and 6-year-old son for

10 months.  He’s always patient and very encouraging because my daughter can be very shy

sometimes. And he motivates and creates a right level of challenge for my son because he’s a

typical 6-year-old who can’t sit still.  He makes sure my children acquire the ability to read music

and maintain a steady tempo when they play.


The spring and fall recitals Tetsuya and his wife organized were always enjoyable.  Even though

my children were nervous about it, it’s a motivation for them to practice piano everyday, and

they felt great and were proud of what they had accomplished at each recital.

Tetsuya is a great piano teacher and is very good with kids. 

We are sad to see him go and we will miss him a lot."

- Josephine H, Egan, MN

"I have always wanted to play the piano and thought one day I would get around to it. 

Then for a Christmas present, I was given piano lessons.  Being a person over 50 and having

no musical experience what-so-ever (could not read a note), I was nervous. My husband couldn’t

have found a better teacher.  I am amazed at my progress over the last 10 months.  Tetsuya is

very patient and has a way of teaching that did not intimidate me, but was very encouraging. 

For anyone out there considering lessons, I would highly recommend him!"

- Vicky E, Hudson, WI

“My daughter, now 12, has been dancing with Miss Katie and Miss Sylvia since IPAC opened

its doors. Since IPAC started offering music, she has added drum lessons to her repertoire.

Her teacher, Tetsuya Takeno, aka ‘Mr. T’, is patient, encouraging, and passionate about his craft.

We’re so happy that IPAC selected a percussion instructor who exemplifies their mission of

inspiring students through the arts!”

- Margie G.

“Lessons with Tetsuya are going great. He is very enthusiastic with the kids. He is also patient

and kind. He sends reminders for the classes, is flexible, and he arrives on time. In our situation,

the ability to teach each of the boys is wonderful.”

- Shay, St Paul, MN

"Tetsuya has been instructing my daughter Kenya for 2 months on the piano. He is a wonderful

teacher, very patient and fun. My daughter looks foward to her weekly lesson. Thanks T for your


- Sasha T, Roseount, MN

"Tetsuya is a terrific piano teacher for our 8-year-old son.  He has patience and makes the lessons

fun. We enjoy having Tetsuya as our son's first piano teacher!" 

- Nancy B, Mendota Heights, MN

"Tetsuya's positive energy is infectious. You can't help but get excited about music when he is

teaching. He has high expectations for students and sets them up for success to enhance their


- Kelly S, St Paul, MN

"My 6 year old daughter recently started piano lessons with Tetsuya, and she is already playing

with both hands and reading music!  She looks forward to lessons, and loves to practice. 

 Tetsuya works very well with her and encourages her to improve and praises her when she does!

  We are very happy with "Along came Music", and Tetsuya as our instructor."

- Kristi W, North Oaks, MN

"Tetsuya pushes me to play my best.  He really takes time to get me ready for my recitals.

I like how he breaks down the songs to make it easier to learn them."

- Nick B, Shakopee, MN

"Tetsuya is a fabulous teacher who really keeps my son interested in playing piano.

 He pushes him, and makes it enjoyable for him."

- Kaje B, Shakopee, MN